Designer with both a Diploma in Art and Design and a BA Honours degree in graphic design and selected in 1993 as one of the top 200 logo designers in the USA. Now founder and artᅠdirector of Gadzook Design, an independent design studio.
My early career included working with broadcast TV networks in the UK, BBC and Channel 4, major international Fortune 100 companies,ᅠand broadcast networks in the USA.ᅠᅠ

James has over forty-five years of applied design knowledge, including 35+ years in interactive and digital media. From designing and developing interactive educational and health-related media to telemedicine, satellite, education
, and learning management systems for universities and healthcare organizations in America and Singapore.
"While I was Associate Dean for Learning Technologies at Duke NUS Singapore, James led my learning technology team at Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore. He designed and implemented a state-of-the-art video/audio studio critical for our team-based learning initiative, and also did the graphic design and web architecture of the team-based learning portal."ᅠ ᅠ
C. Frank Starmer, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, Duke University, Singapore

Medical College of Georgia School of Medical Illustration - working with and mentoring students on graphics, typography,ᅠand layout design in print and digital media, plus mock interviews.ᅠTestimonialsᅠ Steven J. Harrison, Department Chairman, and Wm. F. Anderson, Associate Professor.ᅠ
Medical College of Georgia Arts Council - Board Member, promoting healing through the arts programme
Most recently -ᅠMentor and adviser on design and typography in UX and UIᅠweb site and application design, Bacolod, Negros Occidental IT Cyber Center and IT Incubator Hub.
Graphic, logo, set design, UX and UI design, project management, digital disruption, change management, and developing integrated system applications for websites or mobile devices.

“James Worth has always been in the vanguard of global designers creating corporate identities for companies large and small seeking an international marketing edge. Where James differs from others is his future-forward focus--and the inclusion of a user manual. His work for us was brilliant, Award-winning, and fresh. Still is." 
Bill Vartorella, Craig and Vartorella International Marketing, Inc.